Space Heaters


Unused surplus Space Heaters Ruffneck Heaters: Part number FX5-480360-35T, description = UNIT, HEATER EXPLOSION RESISTANT Explosion Resistant; Unit Heater c/w built in thermostat; 35KW,480V, 3PH; Part number GX157CT, description = UNIT, HEATER HEAVY DUTY, Heavy Duty Unit Heater c/w contactor and thermostat 15KW,480V, 3PH Part number GX507CT, description = UNIT, HEATER HEAVY DUTY UNIT, Heavy Duty Unit Heater c/w contactor and thermostat; 50KW,480V, 3PH Daewon Engineering: DV UHE P01 DV UHE B05 DV UHE M05 DV UHE M06 DV UHE M07 DV UHE M08 DV UHE M09 DV UHE M10 DV UHE M11 DV UHE M12 DV UHE M13 MV UHE 01 MV UHE 20 MV UHE 33 MV UHE 40 MV UHE 50


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